Premium Candle Wax 1-1/2 Pound Block-

Premium Candle Wax 1-1/2 Pound Block-

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YALEY ENTERPRISES-Premium Candle Wax. This premium quality wax was specially designed for use in molded candles. It is unsurpassed for this use. This wax gives superior mold release; smooth and blister free surfaces and the reduced splaying action tends to give a longer burning candle. If burned continuously it produces attractive foliating designs. It is the premium wax which many large candle manufacturers use today. It has a melting point of 148 degrees. This package contains one 1.5lb block of translucent wax. Made in USA.

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Item Dimensions Weight
Premium Candle Wax 1-1/2 Pound Block- 13.00" H x 3.74" W x 1.30" D 1.60625 lbs

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